Estelle & Eric's Level Up Academy 


10 week level up ACCELERATOR program

  • Accredited Life/ Transformation coach Diploma (Internationally Recognised)

  • Online Business Training

  • 1hr Live Weekly Training

  • 30 min Weekly Progress & Strategy call

  • x2 Free tickets to EELUA 2 Day Mastermind Q2 2021

  • Free access to our digital products



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  • FREE EELUA Founders Member T Shirt


  • x2 pre Launch One on One Game plan Calls 

  • Private Facebook Group & Community


  • Our Morning Level Up Routine


  • EELUA Meditation Recordings


  • Chance to guest on Eric's Podcast






Become an accredited Life/ Transformation Coach


Walk away certified with a Level 1 Diploma accredited by an Internationally recognised Therapist and Coach Board ready to build, grow or scale your business.

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You will be working closely with
Estelle & Eric 

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Our story

Coming from humble beginnings Estelle & Eric embody what it means to Level Up having acquired the skills, training, and certifications to go out and launch a multitude of successful online courses and programs, written books as well as coached and mentored thousands of people across the world.


Now they have joined forces to show you exactly how you can do it.

Become a master in your field and hit the Next Level of your life in all areas. Mindset, health, wealth and impact we leave no stone un turned.

One on one coaching with Estelle & Eric

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Become an accredited life/transformational coach 

You will walk away certified with a level 1 diploma and ready to start, build, or grow your business accredited by an international therapist and coach board.



Eric is an Alignment Guide and Servant Leader to heart lead entrepreneurs combining spiritual practices with practical tactics and strategies to start, grow and scale their businesses. He is a graduate of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's Knowledge Broker Blueprint & is Life Coach Certified. His biggest asset is his heart and his goal is to establish deep and meaningful connections with his clients in order to align them with their true purpose and potential.


"Estelle is a transformational coach teaching in over 164 countries across the globe specializing in mindset, success, and supplying life coaches and leaders with the certifications they need to start or enhance their businesses, whilst also running online courses specializing in the Law of Attraction on well-known platforms.

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Give yourself the edge over the thousands of Internet-based
companies and individuals who don't take the time to learn about
LOA principles. They'll wish they had when they're businesses
are collapsing and you're rising to the top!

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