You made it...Let's start your new business!

What to say at a networking event template:

You will get 60 seconds to introduce yourself and your services…

“Hi my name is………
I’m excited to be here and share with you all that I do.
I run a success practice that helps you get from where you are to where you want to be,
I work on a mental, vibrational, and physiological basis.
The main goals of what I do is to help you manifest, create, and achieve your chosen goals whatever they may be to you.
(If you have chosen to target one specific area i.e Love, confidence, career etc, state this here)
I hold my sessions in person or online if you prefer to be in the comfort of your own home. 
If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to pull me aside after we are finished here, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.”


Short, sweet, and to the point. Simple is always more effective in these situations.


Example for social media: Please note this is a guideline please adjust to wording that feels comfortable to you.

Message 1:



I’ve been looking at your posts and love your energy!
What is it that you exactly do btw?

Looking forward to seeing your future posts

Best wishes….*your name*…

*their response*



Message 2:

do you enjoy it? It seems like you do, it’s great to do what you love.  : )

*they will more than likely ask you what you do here is an example of what to say below*

I run a success practice that helps you get from where you are to where you want to be,
I work on a mental, vibrational, and physiological basis.
The main goals of what I do is to help you manifest, create, and achieve your chosen goals whatever they may be to you.

Do you have any goals or dreams you are working on right now?

Wishing you much success in all that you do …. Your name….

*Leave it a day….During this time you need to be posting all the pros of your service and inspiring posts, testimonials, reviews, interviews etc and liking their posts.*

(Later on the next day or a couple of days later reply with the below message, but act whilst momentum is high do not leave it any longer than 2 days)




Message 3:


I thought I would let you know as you seem like the perfect fit and I love what you do.
That I am offering a free consultation, and I thought you might be interested as I can see you are somebody that likes to make things happen!

Let me know so we can discuss things further and jump on a call : )

Looking forward to hearing from you!


: D



*Their reply*


Message 4: If they say yes (which most will) send them your booking link so that they can book in for a call with you.

Say: Brilliant you can book in with me here: *Send your booking system link from your website*

Looking forward to our call!

Best wishes…*name*…


Send them over your booking link, then go ahead with your free consultation (see the previous video for step by step)


Message 4 + 1: If they say no thanks. See the example below.


I totally understand I’m really glad we connected as I said I love your posts!
Stay in contact if there is anything I can ever do to help you just give me a message.
Have a fantastic day!


(Close the lead on a positive frequency and apply affirmation and action - Go to their page like their recent post and repeat in your mind. 

“You will come back to me thank you Universe for this service exchange.”

This technique is to clear the energy and leave the sale open. Remember everything has its cycle this person may come back to you, you have planted the seed... now let it grow.)


Questions to print out or bullet point for your free consultation.

  • Thank you for joining me today!


  • Is there anything you wish to manifest right now? Anything you want to overcome, create, or achieve? 

  • Is there anything that you feel is blocking you from achieving this right now?


Hit them with an 'aha' fact: 60, 000 thoughts per day work well for this


  • I want you to know that we have around 60, 000 thoughts per day, and it's not that every thought manifests, it's the repeated ones, the ones that you have practiced over and over again.


  • Can you think of any negative thoughts that you may be practicing over and over again?


  • Okay, that's wonderful that you can realize this, and the fact that you have this awareness is a big step forward already!


  • You will be delighted to know that I can help you with this, in fact, I have a unique formula that I use on my clients to help them overcome this very problem, and you will glad to know I have a fantastic offer going on at the moment would you like to know what that is?


  • *Introduce your service at a special price*


Close the sale: 


  • Everything we speak about is completely confidential, I am a trusted member of the IPHM and you are in safe hands. I'm going to send you the payment link now then you can book in with your first session with me, sound good? 

Template for the questions to ask your new clients for your first couple of sessions where you are getting to know them... their mindset, behaviors, and paradigms.


Re-use the below questions adjusting to whatever situation your client is talking about.

1. Do you think that life is happening to you or responding to you?

2. How did that make you feel? (You will be repeating  this question a lot)

3. Do you feel that you were focusing more on what you wanted, or more about what you didn’t want regarding that situation?

4. How did that plan out for you?

5. Did you learn anything from that experience?

6. If you could tell the ‘old’ you a message from who you are now, what would you say?

7. What’s the first memory you have if this? (This question can tell you how long your client has been practicing the thought, which will give you an understanding of how long the 'situation' has been going on for)

8. What’s the first thought that pops into your mind?


9. What emotion fuels that thought …. Anger, love, hope, resentment?

10. What do you feel would be the most positive route for you to take?

11. Does that come from your heart or your mind?



12. How would you in an ideal world like to feel about this situation?