More techniques for your clients! 

Past present future technique -

Neurologically alter past events to influence the future.

1. Telepathically tune into a past event that negatively affected you.

2. Tune in and change the story that planned out in a way that is more beneficial to you.

3. Capture a positive emotion behind it as you tune in to the vision of the story working out for you. Hold the image.

4. Channel that energy into the present moment through visualization.

This technique is to be applied whenever the negative past event comes into your mind, and repeat until it evaporates and your new story plays out as a dominant image and story. 

Anchor thought-

Ask your client to focus on something positive to do with how they will feel once they accomplished something.

1. Getting on a plane.

2. Doing a task they don’t wish to do.

3. A long day at work. 

Vision Boards


  1. Ask your client to focus on their vision boards and make each image or word come alive.

  2. Once images are alive they are to ask "infinite intelligence guide me to the next steps on my vision board"

  3. They will receive impulses and ideas after they are to act on this is what we call 'inspired action'. 

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