More techniques for your clients! 

Improve memory (plus so much more!) -

  1. Recognize 3 thoughts the came one after another.

  2. Telepathically tune in play out the thoughts in a different sequence than they arrived in.

  3. Bring yourself back into the present moment one sound or object at a time, then carry on with what you were doing.


This practice works very quickly please don’t be focused on results, they come naturally.
There is more to come on this topic, enjoy!

Source of action-

What sets the action into motion? Desire!
We have the abilities to become whatever we wish to be and have an internal map to help us reach our destinations, but we have to activate our trigger points for our maps to be activated and realized by us.
Desire activates the trigger points and we illuminate our trigger points by taking inspired action steps through the ideas, impulses, and nudges that come to us after we build up the desire. Build up momentum behind your desire and the path will begin to unfold! 

Power pose -

When your client is in need of a confidence boost in regards to their emotions state inside.
Ask them to use the ‘superman’ pose and hold it for 30 seconds minimum whilst they are deep breathing, then carry on with what they were doing.

This will give your client a quick vibration raise! 

Marriage of minds-

It is not about suppressing parts of your being and embracing another, that will only get you so far before it starts tripping you up!

You have been divinely created and you are a gift from the Divine, love yourself as you are.

Disclaimer: this is not talking about the negative and destructive character traits of a human being.

The next step is your test good luck!

please note it is really important for you to take all this information in, as you will be tested on all you have learned so far.
We will be sending you a direct link to take the test next week, be ready!