More techniques for your clients! 

Overall vs moment to moment -

It is the overall tone/ emotional state of your life that is the framework for the creation of your life.
If you have a bad day so what!    

Perception overhaul -

Practice looking at situations and settings through different eyes through the eyes of objects, animals, nature and so forth.

This practice is to be done in a creative playful way and will help you in your personal world in many ways!


Journeying -

  1. Ask your client to telepathically connect with a past event that emotionally affected them

  2. Ask them to imagine that they are there as an adult with the story of what happened playing out.

  3. They are then to send love to them as a child letting them know that everything is okay.

  4. Ask them to come out the vision and tap back in, but this time they are to see the story playing out in a way that serves them. They must capture a positive emotion behind the vision.

  5. Return to the present state. 

Straw technique -


Ask your client to carry a straw around with them and to breath in and out through the straw for a quick energy shift! 

Emotion transfer:


  1. Choose two emotions your client is struggling with.

  2. See what the opposite positive emotion is to the negative emotions chosen.

  3. When the negative emotion shows its face, your client is to think about the opposite positive emotion you gave them. 

  4. Then act out small acts of kindness to invite the new positive emotion in.


Client struggles with jealousy and anger, the opposite emotions could be trust and kindness and love. Then they are to do small actions to represent trust, kindness, and love.  

Change emotions month by month or week by week.

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please note it is really important for you to take all this information in, as you will be tested on all you have learned so far.
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