Week 4

Facebook Hack broke down step by step: Please note ONLY do this with pages that you can see are sharing other people’s content to their page.


1. Search other Facebook pages that are similar to your message i.e positivity, success, Law of Attraction, consciousness, spirituality, and so on.

2. Find a post you would like to share to your own business page. Comment underneath it that you are sharing, and when you share remember to @ them!!! This will alert them and make you noticeable to them.

Example: Great, I'm sharing this to *@ your page name* (then @ them) example: @thrive 

3. Continue to post your own, quotes, content, pics, and so on.  

4. Do this with a couple of their posts, and as many different pages as you like. Start to build up some momentum.

5. You will start noticing that they begin to return the favor and share one of your posts to their page attracting to you a part of their following every time ;)

6. Create great connections with the other Facebook page owners. These people are the perfect leaders to do future collaborations with. Enjoy!   

Coaching agreement 

When you have a new client you need to set up an agreement and disclaimer to protect your company. To make it easier for you I have supplied you with one here. Please note you do not have to use this one, you can create your own authentic one. If not feel free to print this off or save it and use it for your company. Click here to view

Online business funnel 

Your online presence will build up your expertise to a new level and give you a lot more exposure.

Follow these guidelines and you will be sure to grow your platform with ease.







Your blog is what is going to KEEP traffic coming to your website it is really important that you keep active on here and keep posting fresh content.
We have been busy creating your website and have added this feature for you.


You can make this your primary focus and post 3x a week, or you can choose one day a week, or even once a month it's completely up to you, but make sure you post!


Blog content can range from giving free tips and advice to blogging your own experiences and journey, let the ideas naturally flow to you and always make sure that you are giving value no matter what.


At the bottom of your blog post ALWAYS leave them with a call to action.


You can copy and paste this one or amend it to your own liking.




“If you have been struggling with this and felt this post helped you please leave a comment as I would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to click subscribe to my site so you don’t miss out on any value that can help you!”


"Feel this post helped you please leave a comment below!"

(both are a prime example of a 'call to action')




Facebook Business Page - Post your blog


I shared with you a fantastic Facebook business page hack once you can see your audience growing it’s time to get posting!

Whilst posting your pictures, in your caption direct your followers to your blog post I.e.

“If you have been struggling lately to achieve a deep meditation click here for 5 simple tips that can elevate you today!”

(Then put the link to your blog post make sure your inspirational image is linked to your caption or blog post for example if your blog is about meditation post a quote or image about meditation)  

Continue to share your *spiritual coaches and leaders posts and memes* (FB HACK) in between and they will come back to your page to return the favor and share your most recent post, which will be your post leading them back to your blog post, therefore you will get clicks to your blog from their following too. WIN WIN!!!




Build rapport and give value – via email announcements 


Once you have been creating a great cycle of posting on your business Facebook page and blog chances are you will have a few email addresses stacked up in your website, now is your time to shine!


Send out weekly announcements to your website subscribers.


What are 'announcements'?


Announcements are emails you send out via your website or email automation, these emails reach anyone that has signed up as a subscriber to your website. If someone has done this they are showing you that they want more of your content, so give it to them.


In your announcements, you can send them quizzes, ask them questions so you get more of an idea of what they want, tell them about anything you feel could help them and so on.

The main thing here is to be building up your relationship with them so they trust you.  





Close the deals!

By this time you would have built a great relationship with your subscribers and this is where you start introducing your services and letting them know about more how you can help them.




“Hey I want to reach out to you as I have a fantastic service that I am offering you for a discount price, I normally run my clinic in person but as my work is high demand I thought why not help more people!!!


I am now taking in bookings online this means I can run my sessions anywhere in the world!

If you would like to book in for your free consultation with me please click here: (send them your booking link)


Have a great day! “


The next week you could send them more info and more specific things you do along with your booking link and so on.

Send about 5-6 emails about your services in different ways (you will be having more subscribers joining your site during this timing) so start again by giving even more value and re-introduce your services again further down the line.


Example: Welcome new subscribers I appreciate you being here,

here is a quick heads up of the services I provide……. Go through what you do again along with your booking link.


Then close the deals and welcome your new clients! :D



Another way to attract more subscribers is by creating a free gift:

Create something that’s FREE that gives pure value examples below –

Free Guide on how to use energy work on yourself

30-day meditation challenge

Free online course (you can do this on Udemy or via course software)

Free checklist on how to release negative energy

2-week confidence enhancer experiment (give them energy tips on how to boost their confidence one email a day for 2 weeks)


You can get creative with this they are just examples do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Do NOT spend too much time on this, make sure it’s done to a high standard and gives pure value but do not waste any longer than 2 weeks creating your free value product.

The purpose of this is to get your free gift they have to opt-in and put in their email address to get your free gift.


Once they claim their free gift you will have their email address stored in your website and this is where you will be able to send out your email announcements to your subscribers which builds your relationship with them to get more sales.

It’s a win-win situation they get the value you get their email addresses.



Useful websites that can help you with all of the above:


Creating an E-Guide-





Creating Online Courses-

Udemy - go to the bottom of the page and click become an instructor- https://www.udemy.com/ you can do courses for free or paid on here.


30-day challenges or experiments-
Emails you send out on a daily basis you can do this manually or if you want to save time and the emails go out automatically via an email autoresponder here are two email autoresponders you could use -  




If you would like to create a quiz or survey for your subscribers you can use this site here:



Storage and file shares for all your files, images, documents, and videos this storage option also  saves space on your computer or laptop:

You can use - https://drive.google.com/



*Please note for all I am telling you they have a FREE option and there are loads of videos on YouTube on how to use these software’s and programs in simple short videos if you should ever need help*

Click here for support information for your website

Royalty free images & videos