5 Steps to follow when setting goals!


  • Make sure your goals excite you, if they don’t, it completely contradicts living your life as a deliberate creator and you will not experience your desired results. Fun is key!

  • Give yourself enough time to align with your goal first. Get to know your desire visualize it, write about it, and daydream about it.

  • Most importantly listen to your guidance system. This will indicate to you whether the goal you think you want is off track or on track to what you really want.

  • Do not limit yourself ever! Things can come a lot sooner and bigger than you realize, going back to the example of setting a ‘date’ this is a limitation in disguise. You are in fact showing to universe for that whole timescale to the date you wrote, that your desire is not there yet. The desire you want could in fact come to you sooner rather than later in some cases.

  • Remember that there is a gap between your goal and you anyway, this is why it is important for you to believe that it is all happening now to close that gap. The universe does not know if what you are aligning to be true or imaginary. But as soon as you become a vibrational match the universe will begin to correspond and manifestations will show.

The universe knows the most fast, enjoyable, and easy way for you to create your success never underestimate yourself or the universe………… Most importantly never limit yourself!

...Let the path unfold

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