7 Simple Steps For A Beautiful Meditation

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

A question I get asked a lot is Estelle I can’t seem to meditate properly, what am I doing wrong?

Firstly I would like to say is that no one is doing anything wrong, even if you haven’t yet experienced deep meditations, easing yourself in to such a relaxed state and relaxing your mind still does wonders for you mentally and physically, and is still helping you stay focused.

You are doing great.

I have tried and tested many different ways to meditate but this particular way I am sharing with you today, is what my clients and I find to be the most effective, and I would love to help you too.

So I have decided to give you 7 simple tips that I think will be of a great advantage to you, to help you achieve a deep meditation.

Tip 1: First of all I would say, I highly recommend you invest in some good headphones, when you can hear the music or affirmations in good quality, loud, and clear in your ears, I have found it eases you in to a meditative state a lot more quickly.

If you don’t have these it’s okay you can still achieve a deep meditation.

Tip 2: Pick a beautiful, tranquil, or deep instrumental piece of music or even classical.

Do a bit of playing around when it comes to picking your music it has to be one that you really connect with, one that touches your heart.

You will know when you have found the right one it will feel right to you.

You may find that the type of music you connect with is not the usual type of music you would normally be attracted to.

My first meditation music I fell in love with was a classical beautiful song, and I had never really listened or been attracted to Classical music before.

So explore and be open you may surprise yourself!


Also affirmations are brilliant if you feel you connect more with these, then make sure you find really powerful wording affirmations that you truly connect with, ones that are in true alignment with what you personally desire.

This will help build up immense momentum behind your chosen desires, whilst mastering the Law of Attraction in your life.

Tip 3: Set the atmosphere: light candles, incense sticks and sprinkle a couple of drops of lavender oil. Create a relaxing environment.

Tip 4: Before you begin to meditate tell the universe what it is you are asking for, whether that may be material manifestations, a new insight, unanswered questions you have within you, and you wish to receive the answer, or maybe, you want to simply show appreciation and move into a place of stillness.

Whatever it is, big or small it doesn’t matter but give yourself a focus.

Tip 5: Close your eyes and begin to listen to your chosen music through your headphones. (Sitting up or laying down whatever feels more comfortable to you).

Take deep slow steady breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth, nice and deep so you can fill the air filling up in your chest when breathing in, and when breathing out, you should feel your stomach pulling in.

Do this continuously throughout your meditation (if you start to feel light headed stop the deep breathing and fully relax into the music, start the breathing deeply again when you feel the time is right, or simply zone out and embrace the music)


Tip 6: The main thing to do at this stage is to not think about anything and to clear your mind.

To help you do this I want you to only focus on your breathing, and if a conscious thought is to enter your head acknowledge it’s there, then focus your mind straight back on to your breathing, the thought will disappear and your mind will clear again.

Tip 7: Fully relax and do all the above stated.

Around 10 minutes in to meditation you will begin to feel a tingling sensation wave over you, and feel as if your body is doing a wave motion.

Fully give in and let the mediation take over, at first aim to meditate for at least 15-20 minutes then building it up to 30 minutes.

Once you have truly mastered meditation you will find that the duration of the time you need to reach a deep connecting meditation will lower along with the time that you meditate.

What happens beyond this point will be a magical personal mystery.

Every meditation is different, and your experiences during meditation will differ but will always be beautiful.

The benefits of meditation are huge especially as a deliberate creator applying the Law of Attraction to your life, I highly recommend you make this a part of your daily treat.

Main benefits of meditation when applying LOA

> Puts you in perfect harmony with the Law of Vibration

> Higher self-ultimate connection

> Speeds up your manifestation process - (Due to less resistance)

> Relieves stress

> Improves sleep

> Improves health mentally and physically

> Quiets the mind and more…….


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