Believe no matter what!

When going after your dreams there are going to be testing moments. Moments when you feel frustrated, or at times you may even doubt if it's really what you want. During these phases you may feel like you want to chuck in the towel, and give it up! With that in mind here is some guidance to help you through those moments.

Firstly, I want you to realize this is completely normal so don't be so hard on yourself. There are 3 reasons why this happens... 1. Your sub-conscious mind is trained to keep you in your 'safety zone' when you are about to do something new and step into an area where you are about to do things that you have never done before, your sub-conscious will zap you with some 'fear' to keep you in your box, keep you in your comfort zone. That's that little voice in your head telling you all the reasons why you shouldn't go after what you want! 2. Habit- the way we are trained through our collective consciousness via the news, news papers, soaps and so on, is all slanted towards the negative side of life, which trains us as human beings to always look and observe the negative side to what we want, more so than the positive. 3. Expansion - the Universe is preparing you for what you asked for by getting all the negativity out of the way before your manifestation comes into full fruition.

To help you out further here is a little tip to help you manage those negative thoughts.

When a negative thought enters your head, observe the thought, don't become it. Be like a scientist, observe, watch, and stay detached.

Ask the thought, are you coming from the past, or the present? Chances are if it's a negative thought, it is riddled with your past beliefs that no longer serve you.

What you will find is that by the time you have observed and asked that question, you are actually over the negative thought you were thinking.

The reason why this works is because it does not take fancy, complicated, complex techniques to beat negative thoughts. It is more of a case of the right observation Quantum physics points to this truth, and repetition.

Master blasting those negative thoughts out of your head and get back on track with manifesting your dreams and desires.

The saying 'if you don't believe who will' is very true. Only you can create your dreams, only you can create the life you truly want! Sure you may doubt at times, sure there might be a few minor set-backs, but who cares! Any tests are to prepare you even more for what you have been asking for in your heart. Stay focused on your desired outcome and believe with all your might!

The Universe will do its job perfectly, do yours!

If you have stumbled across this post chances are your soul needed these words. Take it as a sign from the Universe and get going on your dreams again, you have magic to spread in the world, so what are you waiting for!

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