Fear holding you back?


Mr. Fear likes to show his face right at the point when you are about to stretch out of your comfort zone and do something new.

I.e. Starting a new business, leaving a relationship, leaving an old job, or going for a job interview the list goes on.

It’s when you are stepping into the unknown your trained subconscious mind trying to keep you in your ‘comfort zone’ with the illusion of fear.

I love the phrase F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real.

The only thing you ever find when you step into fear is that there was nothing to be fearful of in the first place,

Or that’s where all your dreams were hiding. Either way, you’re a winner!

Fear is this horrible disease that if you let control you it will eat you alive and spread to other areas of your life. It’s time to go for gold and step into the unknown.

The little doubtful voice in your head telling you can’t and feeding you all the reason why you can’t, backed up by the Law of Attraction, is just your trained mind trying to keep you in the same place.

Give fear no air time and go for gold!