Get back on track- checklist

On my latest live link I covered subconscious behaviors that drastically slow down our attraction momentum when manifesting the things we want.

With this in mind here is a quick checklist for you to revert back to when you notice you have began to start attracting more negative situations and experiences. Ask yourself have you been doing any of the following...? 1. Focusing on what is unwanted rather than wanted - focus your mind solely on what you want so you can build up more momentum behind your desire.

2. Desperately wanting something- read here

3. Having no fun and all hard work- this will make you vibrate on a lower frequency, therefore attract less wanted, or not move you forward. 4. Not believing - read here

5. Not implementing steps and applying wisdom that can help you - read more here

6. Talking badly or being jealous of others - this will always block your flow, not their's - read more here

7. Living in the past and not the present moment - read more here 8. Reacting to every negative person in your life, this creates more negativity and blocks your flow - read more here

9. Being lazy with meditation - read more here

10. Being unclear- The Universe operates a lot faster when you are super clear. When we are unclear our vibrations are scattered, therefore we get scattered results. Take some time tonight to figure out what it is you really want from your heart, then align with it.