Music to help you manifest?


As music carries a lot of emotion, it is one of the most powerful ways to help us become aligned to our goals, dreams, visions and desires.

We all love different types of music, but we all have some that makes us feel great.

Use these songs to raise your vibration, music is the fastest way to raise your vibration!

Start to use music to your advantage today!

A great technique for you

This is what I would like you to do, pick a song that makes you feel great, that you can relate to your chosen desire.

For example,

If you want to attract a soulmate.

Pick a happy, positive love song and believe that the words in your beautiful chosen song, is the love that you and your soulmate are going to be experiencing with each other.

There are way too many heart breaking and ‘love gone wrong’ songs out there that are no good for you, pick a beautiful, positive, loving song.

Really connect and love this song.

Relate this song to the soulmate you want.

What happens then is that every time you listen to this song, it will take you to the ‘feeling place of your soulmate’ whilst you visualize about them and listen to your song.

And the ‘feeling place’ of already achieving our desires is always what we want to achieve, to attract them.

Music will help you do this.

Do this to whatever your desire maybe, whether that be wealth, love, happiness or relaxation and health.

Attach a song to it and listen to this song over and over, it will raise your vibration and put you in alignment with the desire you are thinking about.

As I mentioned before, music holds a lot of emotion, attaching a song to your desire is a great technique to help you achieve a positive connection to your desire speeding up your manifestation process.

Doing this, you will then start to see things move a lot more quicker for you.

Enjoy the beautiful sound of music and raise your vibration anytime, anywhere!

Tried this out? Let me know how you got on below I would love to hear!