How to have a Christmas with ease

This is for all you wonderful busy men and women out there that have so much going on during the festive season…….

Christmas is nearly here a time of joy, laughter, family and friends and yet it is so easy to lose focus and this festive season of joy can become quite stressful.

We impose so many doubtful Christmas limiting beliefs on ourselves it’s unreal.

We rush around in a panic buying presents worrying do we have enough? Or have I over spent? Or how can I have a good Christmas when I’m in x amount of debt? Or how am I going to find the time?

These are just a few common questions and complaints I see all over the forums and social media at the moment, to help spread some ease at a hectic time I thought I would share with you 3 simple tips to help you boost your alignment through this festive period.

Tip 1# Cut off day

· Give yourself a cut off day; whether that be 1,2,3 or 4 days before Christmas (whenever personally fits your lifestyle) decide on a day that you are going to forget about work, planning, and any worries or concerns you have going on in your everyday life. Set yourself a letting go date.

It is so easy to get caught up in situations and not know when to switch off, learn to.

Tip 2# Make a promise to yourself: new affirmation

“My new focus is to embrace my family and friends I invite laughter, joy, and happiness into my life.

I deserve a break and now I am going to enjoy expanding my fun side.

I am so grateful and I promise myself to make a conscious effort to be in the present, and live every moment to the fullness that is rightfully is.”

If you have had a really stressful build up to Christmas read this over daily your subconscious mind will need repetition.

Tip 3# a conscious choice to only see the good in everything and everyone.

· Be dedicated to only seeing the good in every person you come in to contact with.

We all have that nosy in law or pessimistic uncle/ aunt that of course we love dearly, but u know those people you really have to ‘be in the mood for’ hehe choose to only see the good in everyone and appreciate them for who they are.

Alignment with your true self is always a successful day.

Love the people around you, Christmas is a special time that brings us all together.

You attract not only what you think about but also what you are …… This Christmas be the vibrant, loving, and caring creator that you are by making it easier for yourself by applying these little mental tips for a fabulous Christmas with ease,

after all it is the season to be jolly!

Merry Christmas have a good one!