If I desperately want something will I manifest it?


No! Here’s why...

The Law of Attraction is all about vibration, really, really, really wanting something to the point you are worried it won’t happen, automatically puts you in the ‘desperate vibration'

Where instead of attracting what you want,

you in fact repel it.

Have you ever really wanted a lover, a job, or a business deal and even though you desperately wanted it, and tried your best, it just simply didn’t happen?

This is because unknowingly the ‘desperate vibration’ was active within you with a lot of momentum, so what you wanted couldn’t come. Remember whether you believe, don’t believe, or understand vibration this is the truth for all of us.

The desperate vibration activates when you are looking at something you really want,

but at the same time,

you are looking at the same very thing, believing that you can’t have it,

there for there is an element of contradictory thought projected onto your desire,

and this will introduce itself through the emotion of desperation.

Sure with the Law of Attraction teachings you are to love and be emotionally involved with what you are desiring in a positive way, but be aware of self.

At EstelleBlack.com we have many techniques that can help you accomplish this without introducing that ‘desperate vibration’ within you.

Keep a look out for future posts where I will share some great tips with you on how you can do this.

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