Inspired action vs Effort

Updated: Feb 22, 2019


To help you out a little more I want to clear up with you the difference between inspired action and effort, here is how you can tell the difference...


When you make yourself do things when you don’t really want to do, when everything feels so wrong and hard but you struggle through anyway.

Effort is where you find yourself doing all the action in the world and not getting the results you want time after time again!

When living as a deliberate creator it is important to channel the highest form of energy,

so that you are open to receiving your inspired action promptings.

If it don’t feel good doing something, you are being shown that it is wrong through your feelings!

Remember your feelings are your guidance system and if it don’t feel good doing something then your guidance system is telling you don’t do it, simple, always be listening to your guidance system, your intuition, your gut feeling.

Your higher self will show you the way when you are in your high vibration, this is why feeling good and being happy should always be the most important thing for you, as you are open to your inspired actions, thoughts, and ideas that lead you to your success with ease.

Feel bad? Then know that your ego state of mind will feed you with more low vibrational thoughts, and the Law of Attraction will match you with those instead.

If you are doing tasks you hate, what vibration are you sending out to the universe in that moment? A high or low vibration?

Inspired action

If an idea or strategy comes to you whilst you are feeling good in your high vibration, your being fed by the Universe, God, or Higher self the path which you are going to succeed in, those are the inspired action steps you need to act on to get ultimate results.


The Law of Attraction is matching your vibration every minute of everyday.

Always and only act upon inspired action it’s a vibrational match!

If you feel good and inspired action comes to you, take it!

The Universe likes speed and the more you stay up to speed with yourself, the more your inspired ideas will flow and you will see what feels like magic happen.

This is how you succeed in anything, it is not how much you do, many people that put a lot of effort into things still fail, in fact it is quite common.

Work smart, not hard.

A lot of successful people famous or not are really good at taking inspired action, of course they may not be aware of what they are doing, but this is truth for all, knowingly or unknowingly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for love, money, career and health, anything!

Always aim for inspired action.

If you have had any success stories following your inspired ideas I would love to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

Also one of the best ways to receive your inspired action impulses is through meditation,

haven't tried this before?

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