Inspired action vs Effort

Updated: Feb 22, 2019


To help you out a little more I want to clear up with you the difference between inspired action and effort, here is how you can tell the difference...


When you make yourself do things when you don’t really want to do, when everything feels so wrong and hard but you struggle through anyway.

Effort is where you find yourself doing all the action in the world and not getting the results you want time after time again!

When living as a deliberate creator it is important to channel the highest form of energy,

so that you are open to receiving your inspired action promptings.

If it don’t feel good doing something, you are being shown that it is wrong through your feelings!

Remember your feelings are your guidance system and if it don’t feel good doing something then your guidance system is telling you don’t do it, simple, always be listening to your guidance system, your intuition, your gut feeling.