Intuition: Poems of the Universe

Estelle Black -poems


I am the tender voice of your heart,

I will guide and caress you, right from the start.

I am timid in my appearance but my message is always clear.

For you are the one, that my love holds dear.

Follow my guidance and you will never be blue.

For I am the light that is dedicated to you.

I will stay on your true path and be shining the light,

don’t worry I have you covered, I will be sending you messages, and insights.

Trust in me with all that you are,

then you will hear my messages, they will never be far.

Unlike your dark ego my words are pure.

Not a mistake, a misguidance, not even one


If you give me your trust our strength will power.

Inject me with doubt and your dark ego will turn

your soul sour.

My words are always connected to the light,