Law of Attraction talk: When to step back

Law of attraction-

I have covered this topic a few times before but it is still a hot topic and a topic I receive a lot of emails about... This time we are going to be talking more about positive attachment and how it can serve you. I’m sure a lot of you have heard in the Law of Attraction teachings that you should become emotionally attached to your desires to build up more momentum, and this is very true depending on your personal emotional relationship in regards to what you want to manifest.

The positive side to attachment: As we are vibrational beings, emotional beings, we attract more of how we ‘feel’ rather than what we think. Building up a strong emotional positive connection with what you wish to manifest does build up more momentum, and does mean that you are making your manifestations more powerful as it has a vibrational element to it rather than just thought without any aligned emotion behind it. But with that said there is a tipping point…

If you have been emotionally attached to your desired manifestations for a while and intensely, you can lead yourself into doubting the very thing you are trying to manifest, this is because remember every subject is two subjects, the desire of wanting a manifestation can also activate the fear of not having it as time goes on and this will split your energy.


Moving forward in your manifesting journey the trick is if it feels good thinking and indulging in the thoughts and feelings of what you want to manifest, do it! Do it for as long as you can as long as it feels good… As soon as you start to feel doubt or fear kicking in, detach and move on to a different focus, this is something I call flipping the script. This does not mean that you are giving up on your desire and manifestation, look at it like you are releasing your desire to the Universe and allowing the Universe to deliver it to you without you slowing down the process with your own negative emotion.

Start focusing and projecting your energy towards something else that makes you feel happy, and trust in all the work you have done vibrationally before.

If you would like to know more on this topic I have a couple of other posts where I talk about this further please click here for more. Some manifestations you can fully be attached to and they will manifest with ease, other's may require your detachment if there is an emotional split in your energy. Be mindful of your feelings and emotions as they will be your biggest clues as to whether attach or detach. Understand that you are a very powerful being and the Universe is working in your favor, not against you. Trust and believe, trust and believe.