LOA talk - making your thoughts more powerful


Why do you need to make your thoughts more powerful and what does this even mean?

The meaning behind making your thoughts more powerful means to build up more momentum behind your desires giving it more power to manifest physically. This is done by making your desire your primary focus and putting MOST if not ALL your focus onto your desire whilst you are in your waking state.

Remember we have on average around 60,000 thoughts per day, it can range from 35 to 48 thoughts per minute, per person, we are all different, but it’s not every single thought that manifests. You can read more than this by clicking here.

Directing, focusing, and aligning your thoughts is key to manifesting bigger, better, and greater. Knowing that it’s not ALL your thoughts that manifest but the repeated ones, the ones that have been practiced over and over again, the dominant thoughts that are showing up in your mind, those are the ones that manifest. Making your desire your primary focus means that you are repeating the thought, making it dominant, giving it more power.

What happens as you repeat the thoughts about your desire?

As you think about your desire a frequency is created within you, this energy transmits from you out to the Universe’s energy sphere and is reflected back to you in manifested form via the Law of Attraction.

Here is a good way to look at it….. You have to give your desire enough attention in a positive way for it to grab the Law of Attractions attention so it can manifest it for you. (This is of course not true as everything is created twice vibrationally and physically, it has already been created) but using this analogy helps bring your desire into full focus, giving more momentum.

Remember it’s your repeated thoughts that manifest, which indicate a patterning effect, which is showing you that repetition is key here. Your thoughts are the portal to the Law of Attraction, use them wisely.

You have to keep in mind what frequency you are vibrating on when building up momentum behind your desire and thoughts. If you are repeating doubtful thoughts about your desire even though you want it, it’s the doubt that can push through if it’s more dominant, meaning if it’s practiced more than the WANTING of the desire. Awareness is key