LOA talk: The truth!


In this post I want to cover with you a cliche topic when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Newbies or people that do not really understand how the laws work normally come into the teachings thinking that they do not have to put any work in, that they can just sit there visualize, and things are just going to fall into your lap without you having to do nothing for it.

This couldn't be more further from the truth.

Firstly, lets clean up the rumor that you do not have to put in any 'work' and you can manifest effortlessly.

Now I am not going be little this claim as it is something that comes hand in hand with being a conscious deliberate creator, yes manifestations DO fall into your lap and that is a part of the beauty that living your life this way holds. But that is NOT to say that the creator has to do nothing, putting yourself out there, and taking lots of aligned action is vital! From the day I started my businesses I have put in a lot of what some would say 'hard work' into every single one of them.

To others it may look like hard work but to me I was fueling my creativity and love every minute of it. This is why choosing a career you love is very important as your hard work wont seem like hard work. The reason I tell you this is because manifesting your hopes, dreams, and desires is NOT free

you have to invest a lot in yourself, mindset, and inspired action. What you will find on your manifesting journey is that it is a combination of your alignment and inspired action that yields to you the manifestations that fall into your lap, so if you want a continual flow of manifestations with ease make sure you inject a lot of inspired action into your manifestation process.

The best way to understand this is to respect the Law - the Law of Attraction. Understand that the word ACTION is the word the Law of Attr-action

All your actions are fueled by the thoughts in your mind this is why your mind-set plays a HUGE role to which action steps you take. Alignment is the MOST important, align first then follow the inspired action steps that come to you!

I talk a lot about inspired action in this post and if you have been thinking Estelle what do you mean when you say inspired action? Click here where I cover this topic for you.

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