Making space in your mind

Spring is here and it fit's in perfectly with my topic today! This time of year is full of color, flowers, and fresh air. But yet sometimes in our minds when we have a lot on our plate, in our minds it can seem dull, uninspiring, or blurred. When this happens it's an indicator that you have too much on your mind and it's causing a mental blockage within you.

The trick here is to clear out some 'space' in your mind so you can think clearly again! How do you do this?

It's really quite simple and not as hard as think... The two most effective ways to clear out some space in your mind is to obviously write, have a bath or shower, or clean, yes you heard me right a good clean, and considering the time of year a good spring clean is perfect timing! Why does it work?

The reason why this works is because it works on a subliminal level, It's a mirroring effect, cleaning is like you are washing away the negativity, the clutter, and it creates a new clearer energy in your environment, then in turn your mind. When you have a lot on your mind, you need a distraction to break the momentum of the negative thoughts you have going on. If you have a cupboard that has been irritating you that you have been meaning to clean out for a while, your car needs a clean, or a good old spring clean is needed in general, or if the grass needs cutting and so on.

Use it as a de-cluttering of the mind technique. When you sit down in your fresh clean house, or freshly cut garden, or relax in your newly organized bedroom you always feel lighter, clearer, and more relaxed...

It's because of the subliminal effect it has on your sub-conscious mind use it to your advantage!

Doing this you will find that after you will feel in a much better mental state than you did before you had your spring clean. Don't believe me? Try it, and don't forget to let me know how it went for you by leaving a comment below :)