Mental technique to help sharpen your focus

When consciously applying the Law of Attraction to your life one thing you really need to master is your ability to focus.

May seem easy huh? The truth is most people are walking around with no self-mastery on their mind and how it

works, and are more than likely definitely not deliberately focusing their minds to their desired outcomes in life. In fact the hard truth is, is that most of us are actually focusing our minds on the things we DON’T want, even when we are trying to better a situation. The famous saying in LOA “energy flows where your attention goes” hits the nail on head. Master where you are putting your attention. The natural flow of the Universe is high, but the flow of ‘society’ is very low. As humans we are naturally programmed to think towards the negative side of life. We are fed this through TV, movies, music, marketing, newspapers, and so much more. So it is super important to master and exercise your mind and re-train it into a new pattern of thinking that is more beneficial to you.

With this in mind I want to share a little technique that I do with my clients to help them get better results with consciously implementing the Law of Attraction, they get great results and if it helps them, it can help you too : D



As you travel about your day whether you’re at work, meeting up with clients, at home with the children, meeting up with your friends, or on the roads, whatever it is that you are doing…. When you catch a quiet moment you might be waiting for some-one, in traffic, or simply just staring into space.

Consciously bring your focus onto any object, person, or thing that is in your view. For example: A tree, a bird, a cup, a pen, car, some-one with nice hair, shoes, coat, ANYTHING!

Once you have drawn your focus onto the object softly begin to think positive things about the object you are looking at (no matter what it is purposely do it)

Example 1:

A bird flies into your view: start appreciating the beauty of the bird, how cute it is out there in this big wide world flying around all free. Observ