Self investment and manifesting Self -investment-manifest

When going after your dreams it's a good idea to instead of always staying focused on the vision you wish to manifest to flip the focus onto yourself, to manifest it instead.

What do I mean by this?

Here's an example:

Your vision is to become a successful leader (in whatever field you have chosen)

As your journey unfolds flip your main focus onto your personal growth, this in turn will cause a ripple effect and help aid the manifestations of the vision you have to be a successful leader. As you work on self, you cause vibrational shifts to occur within you which brings you up the emotional scale making you more of a match to the things you want.

With this is mind working on yourself is a every week, every day, every moment investment. Work on your beliefs, thoughts, and stay dedicated to how your feel. Return the love back to yourself!

Using the focus of your vision AND the focus of bettering yourself as your dominant focus, you will sure to see great results. This does not apply only for those that have a career goal, this is for all desires. . Want to manifest a lover: work on yourself and make YOURSELF the perfect lover before they come.

. You want to manifest a new group of friends: work on yourself and become a wonderful person so wonderful people will be attracted to you. . You wish to have a better hair condition: work on how you see yourself someone that has nice hair invests in their hair and will have a different belief pattern, work on yourself. Do you see where I'm going with this? Never under estimate the power of working on self, although it may seem 'off topic' to what you wish to manifest, it is in complete alignment with your desired manifestations.

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