The No.1 main reason why Visualization is not working for you…. Must read!

Updated: Jul 19, 2018


Visualization is one of the most powerful tools you can use when manifesting your desired goals.

Yet so many are still struggling to make visualization work for them.

Here is the no.1 main reason visualization is not working for you.

"You are using visualization to bring you into alignment rather than being in alignment then visualizing."

Visualization is 100% one of the most powerful tools we use when it comes to the ‘creativity and clarity stage’ of manifesting and for you to achieve ultimate results through visualization align first….. Then visualize after!

It’s that simple, using visualization to bring you into your high vibration always backfires and it’s not because you don’t want what you are trying to visualize,

it’s just that you are not putting yourself in the right vibrational frequency to connect with the visualization. Please leave comments below if you feel you have been struggling with visualization

I would love to know how I can help your further.

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To your happiness and success!