The Truth about letting go

Updated: Nov 15, 2018


When living your life as a conscious being letting go is something that takes great mastery and understanding.

I’m not talking about letting your desires go, or detaching from the things you wish to manifest. I’m talking about things, situations, and people. Whilst on your manifesting journey your life will shift and re-arrange itself to the desire you have asked for. When you reach this point you will witness the Universe work in the most unusual ways.

If you are desiring a true, beautiful, conscious life but you are surrounded by friends, relationship partner/’s, and circumstances that are vibrating at a lower level than you, if they don't raise and match you the Universe will remove these things and people from your life and it is 100% your responsibility to let them go!

This can come in many different forms from positive to negative (which is really a positive in disguise)

e.g. If it’s a relationship friend or lover that is not a match to the new relationships you wish to create, a positive example could be:

You have a realization that this situation is not right for you and you find you have this un-explainable new found confidence to say what you want with truth and walk away from any situation or people that are not a match to you no more, and let go of the past and walk in and embrace the new with ease… Or,

a negative (which is really a positive) example could be: The person friend or lover that is not a match to the new life could out of the blue cause a negative situation to happen aka argument, betrayal, let-down which has happened for you to let them go as they are no longer a match to you no-more, the Universe had to show you this this way so you would listen and pay attention to make the changes necessary to move onto the next chapter of your life.

Why does the Universe do this?