Tips for new coaches, therapists, speakers, & leaders.

Free online course for aspiring coaches, mentors, therapists and leaders totally free and full of value.

What you'll learn

. How to shine at networking events . How to align your service with your marketing

. How to be seen as an expert

. How to gain confidence in your abilities

. How to overcome content suppression

. How to target your business Join hundreds of students on this fabulous new course


If you have the aspiration of starting your own coaching/ mentoring practice this course is packed full of useful information for you to know and apply to your very own start-up. Or, if you have already started your practice but need some extra guidance this is perfect for you too!

I cover common challenges coaches, mentors, and leaders face but not only that I also provide solutions to them all, giving you a clearer direction as the next parts of your journey unfold.

Starting your practice with clear direction and confidence elevates your chances of success, and this course has been created with YOUR success in mind.

*Please have a pen and note pad ready to hand, taking notes whilst listening to the course helps your subconscious mind take in the information better.* Click here to get started

See you on the other side!

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