Tips on how to release resistance


  • Reverse the sentence: catch yourself about to say something or in the middle of saying something that is not in alignment with you.

For example: a)I am so tired- reverse it to – I am full of energy.

b)That’s really annoyed me- that did really annoy me but now I can see that me being annoyed is an indicator that I am going off track, so I bless that annoyance.

c) I am bored- I am bored which indicates I have some spare creating time. What do I want to create next?

Catching yourself and reversing the sentence to something positive can make a huge difference in your life with anything.

  • Clean with the music on. This is a great way to shift your focus and I am sure a lot of you would agree. When you clean it’s like you are getting rid of negativity making space to clear your mind. You must admit when you sit down light your candles with your house gleaming from top to bottom, you feel good don’t you? Even doing things like clearing out a cupboard you haven’t got round to doing, or sorting through what clothes to chuck out for the new season. It shifts your attention and sublimely makes space in your mind.

  • Meditation of course this is one of the most easiest to release resistance. Even if you do not have that much time to put aside for it, just take 3 minutes out go to the bathroom and take a few deep breathes until you feel you’re connected. You will sure feel better in doing so even if it is for just a couple of minutes.

  • Take a long hot bath or shower. This has the same subliminal effect on the mind as step 2, the cleaning.

  • Engage with the people around you. By this I mean your family or you partner, whoever you live with. A lot of the time we are not in the present mentally with the people we are with. You can be somewhere else in your thoughts. Focus into the present with them, who knows they could be the very ones that raise your vibration even more.

Tried out these steps? Let me know how you got on by commenting below.