Tips to follow for letting people and bad situations go

1. You must never hang on or force any action that holds onto the situation - it’s happening for your highest good, please remember this.

2. Never look at the situation as if you are losing anything the truth is you are gaining, gaining your freedom and new beginnings.

3. Understand you are vibrating higher than most so if some-one is still in a pattern of negative behaviors, they are not going to be a match to you anymore, so you may notice the relationship is not flowing like it used to I talk about this more here.

4. Understand, believe, trust, and have faith! 5. Spend time around those that lift you up, stay away from those that fuel the negative side to the situation. Sometimes you can forget the other people around you that love you, make time for them and remember you have other people that love you, if your letting go relates to a relationship. 6. Purposely make your primary focus fixated on the things you want out of life, give little if any attention to the things and situations that put you in a feeling of lack.

7. Create a new fun goal for yourself to achieve – a great way to shift your focus is through something totally new and exhilarating, set something high and fun for yourself, something that will take your attention, time, and focus. Fuel your desires and go out there and get what you want, it’s your time to shine now!

8. Remember that everything that has happened has happened for you to grow and be even more happier, the Universe orchestrated your current events for your highest good, this timing has come about for you to now go after what you want with freedom, passion, and confidence. Hold this concept in your mind’s eye and go for gold!

9. If there is any situation that needs to be forgiven, not for the other person but for yourself, allow this healing to occur. When forgiving, this doesn't always mean going directly to the person and saying I forgive you, as spiritual forgiving has very little to do with the other person but more for your own soul so that the toxic emotions that not forgiving bring to those that cannot move forward. Forgiving does not mean you have to invite that other person back into your life physically, but it does mean that you can move forward in your life with less hate, sadness, and regret. Forgive and embrace the wisdom that the experience taught you.

But on the contrary, if you have had the realization that you are the one at fault and you need to apologize to someone, also allow this healing to occur and do what's right, this will also allow you to move on in more peace, and them.

If it is to soon to forgive, leave this step and come back to it in a week or two, only do this step when it feels right in your heart you will notice that in most cases you are naturally guided to this point at the right timing, if it feels forced and wrong that is an indicator that it is too soon, if this happens softly shift your focus and come back to it at a later date. Do not fester on it.

If you are going through a bit of a tricky letting go situation at the moment it is a great idea to print this list out or write them down to follow daily so you don’t full into the trap of lack.

If you have tried out any of these steps I would love to hear how you got on! Please feel free to leave a comment below, I hope this helped you!

Estelle xox