Tips to vibrate higher

May take up to 30 days for you to master, stay consistent. The higher you vibrate the more you cannot be a match to negative people and situations. Consistency is key!

Affirmations to be practiced daily

I reflect greatness and greatness comes back to me. I reflect love and love comes back to me. I reflect alignment and alignment reflects through me.

Meditate every morning for 5 minutes -

This is to set you in your higher vibration throughout your day. This will give you your best start for more momentum of alignment to carry you through your day ahead.

Ball of protection

After meditation, visualize a bright white light beaming from the crown of your head, spiraling down, then around your body creating a ball of protection around you. The ball of light that you create around you is the power light of protection. This high energy light is a powerful force that reflects any negativity thrown at you back to the source of negativity. From when you have fixated the ball of light around you, it is your job as a deliberate creator to focus on bringing the good feelings out from you, and pay no mind to indulge in speaking badly of others or thinking bad of them.

Even if they are rubbing you up the wrong way, deliberately don’t think about them at all. You know your protection light has it all covered. You have no need to react.

After you have done the above steps go out there in the world and spread your joy with the world!

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