To date or not to date?

This is not a one shoe fits all answer. Jim Carey clearly states he set a date for his acting career to get his first millions and he achieved exactly that, and more.

Some people are great with setting dates and manifesting by the date they stated, but this is not the case for everyone. If you have found that setting dates is not working for you then continue to read on as I have some great advice for you.

Let the path unfold If you have a huge desire, having a date can open the door to let contradictory thought in about your desire further down the line. If it gets close to the date and you haven’t had any signs or dramatic improvement, it will cause you to doubt, worry and not believe that it is going to happen. As you begin to entertain those thoughts the Law of Attraction will begin to respond and create your new doubtful belief prolonging your manifestation process. Yet if you had kept on going you would have manifested your goal! In turn, setting a date to close, can be a huge trip up as well.

This is not because the universe still has work to do, it’s all depending on how much you have been practicing alignment and becoming a vibrational match to your desire, this falls into divine timing. Everything in the universe is already done, has already been created. It’s your job to become a vibrational match to it, if you have set a date that is close but have failed to put in your alignment work, then that too will cause you to not manifest ‘by a certain date’

setting a date is risky business. The universe has it all covered so don’t worry! Setting a date opens the door for doubt later along the line the main thing to do when it comes to the Law of Attraction teachings is to.... Focus on your vibration and expansion and believe it’s all happening now, now in this present moment!

Its not about dates, times, and years enjoy your journey and let the path unfold with no added pressure. #bekindtoself