Top 5 do and don’ts when it comes to using the Law of Attraction!

Updated: Jul 19, 2018



  • Do get super clear on the outcome you want to achieve from the goal you have in mind.

  • Do give yourself enough time to align with your goal. Visualize it, write about it, and meditate on it.

  • Do project only positive thoughts on to your goal, if you notice you have begun to project doubtful or limiting thoughts onto your goal, stop thinking about your goal and focus your mind on to something else that lifts your mood.

  • Do act upon the inspirational ideas, nudges, and impulses that you will be experiencing whilst applying the above steps.

  • Do always be listening to your guidance system whilst you are on your journey to your achieving your goal. When you are feeling good you are on track, and when you feel bad you are off track or something needs adjusting. If you start feeling not so good and uninspired by your goal, detach yourself from your goal, then focus on alignment. Once you have a clear mind, re-assess your goal and aim even higher to build up more desire and momentum within you.



  • Don’t talk yourself out of wanting your goal because you don’t know how to get it.

  • Don’t try and work out all the ‘how’s’ that’s the universe’s job. (Do not push against the law)

  • Don’t base how your experience will go from someone else’s failures or story.

  • Don’t be competitive, be creative.

  • Don’t project negative thoughts onto your desire, this will build up negative momentum and you have the possibility of welcoming in unwanted results.

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