Visualization technique

You are not alone if you feel you are struggling with visualization,

how do I visualize properly? Is a question I get asked a lot. With this in mind I have decided to give you a few pointers to help you become a master at visualization.

Applying the next powerful steps I am about to share with you, you are sure to see great results. Many think that because they are not able to visualize what they want, that they can’t do it, this is not true. The truth is, we are continuously visualizing throughout our day whether we are aware or not.

The images we see in our minds can flash up in an instant and then be gone, or we have per longed, engaged, or trance like visualization moments that you actually notice or even sometimes you still don't notice!

Either way you are visualizing and whilst you are visualizing you are creating momentum behind what you are imagining, knowingly or not.

If you feel you are struggling to visualize what you want as a deliberate creator, it is a strong indicator that without realizing you have been practicing visualizing what you don’t want, and as a result this has created a dominant paradigm within you, so when you go to visualize what you do want, you struggle as it is out of the norm for your subconscious mind.

This will explain the reason why when you go to visualize it feels wrong and like effort, hence why no images show up in your mind when you try. As a result this unwanted paradigm will cause a mind blockage every time. This paradigm will set you in the wrong vibration to connect with your visualization.

Do not fear we are about to change that!

  • First accept you are always visualizing whether you know it or not, if you are telling yourself it’s something you can’t do, the Law of Attraction will hold you in that place by Law, as you are affirming with the universe that you can’t do it. You are, you’re just not realizing that you are, accept it and move on.

  • Get absolutely crystal clear on what it is you want to manifest. How can you visualize something if you’re not entirely sure what it is you exactly want? Get super clear first, align, then visualize!

  • Feed your mind continuously with images and videos of the things you want. Seeing your desires visually will help you imprint an image in your subconscious mind as it is not something you have to make up as you have already seen it. If it’s love you want, watch loads of romantic films and read love success stories. If its health you want, watch videos on health success stories. If it’s money you want…. Well you get the picture?

  • Did you know you don’t have to close your eyes and sit in a quiet place to visualize? No! We can visualize doing almost anything the shopping, driving (not advised) cooking dinner, reading a book, working or even sometimes when we are having conversations with others! All with our eyes wide open. You see, even though visualization we associate with our eyes, as of course that is where we physically see it, but it is in fact more to do with our minds and intuition. This is why aligning and being super clear about what you want is extremely important. So be relaxed about it. It’s all about aligning your thoughts with the desires you DO want, not with what you DON'T want, aligning with your desires first will unlock the visual stream. Doing all of this will set you in receiving mode for you to have more ease when visualizing your desire.

  • When trying to visualize through solitude do not go straight into trying to visualize your desires. First before you begin, look at images or videos of what you want to manifest. Then begin, focus on your breathing and imagine a white light, that’s it, be relaxed and focus on nothing other than the white light until around 3 minutes. As you have aligned your thoughts with your desires, you will find your mind will be more open for you to see the images and stories you wish to create.

Happy visualizing!

There is another reason why you may be struggling with visualization I shared it with you in one of my previous posts if you missed it click here it may give you some more clarity.

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