Visualization to achieve your daily goals

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Set goals, visualize, then achieve it’s that simple!

This technique is great to help you achieve your daily goals on a hectic day.

  • Take 5- 10 minutes out of your day either in the morning or before your day starts, or the night before your hectic day to write a list of all the important things you have to do, for example: write 2 blog posts, write up 4 emails, attend a networking event, and post on 5 forums.

  • Once you have made it clear to the universe what the goals are that you wish to achieve. Look down your list and visualize yourself accomplishing every single goal you wrote down.

  • Spend 2 minutes visualizing each goal.

Do this every time you have a hectic day planned ahead,

the importance is that you do it ahead of time.

Remember visualization is how we influence things and situations to our way by making a dominant blueprint in our subconscious minds with the images we conceive, have fun with it!

If you have tried and tested these steps please leave a comment below.