What is Alignment?


Alignment is the highest frequency a human being can experience on this physical plane.

Alignment means being connected to your higher self, in your high vibration, and in other words what some say is being in that “happy zone”

but alignment is not just any kind of ‘happiness’ it's so much more than that, the beauty of true alignment when experienced is so profound that words are just not enough to describe.

This frequency of alignment connects you to infinite intelligence, source energy, and many other higher dimensions.


The kind of happiness that can bring you to tears. If you were in pure alignment you would not question it, nor doubt it.

My life before I had my awakening sure I had ‘happy moments’ in fact loads of them!

I had a sense of gratitude you could say, I had great fun at times. But nothing compares to the feeling of alignment that’s where you truly discover what happiness is.

The closest I had ever came before my awakening to pure alignment was when I brought my first born son home.

I remember that feeling I had clear as day,

the way I live my life now is like that over flowing of love feeling I had when I brought him home, but now it’s near enough every day of my life give or take a few contrasting days.

When you are standing in alignment you feel empowered, loving, unstoppable, fuzzy, and warm inside, like you’re literally walking in paradise even though you could be in the same circumstance or situation as you were the day before when you were moaning.

This is where the saying comes from 'high on life'.

You see if you are doubting, moaning, or hateful even if it feels good to do some of those things in the moment,

You are NOT in alignment.


I love the quote

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” By Niels Bohr

He says it in a nutshell it will shock you into pure alignment. These teachings are extremely powerful and life changing, they have been for thousands of years.

You will feel it in every bit of your core when you are in alignment.

It does not matter if you know certain knowledge in your head, or how long you have been aware of these teachings.

If you aren’t feeling it through your vibration, through your alignment,

you still have a little work to do, but don’t let that put you off.

Everything can change in an instant moment.

With that said look out for my future posts I will cover this subject more and guide you on how you can change all of the above so you too can feel true alignment.

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