When things are really bad do this...

Updated: Nov 22, 2018


When you have a burning desire for a better life in whatever form, but your physical world around you feels as if it is falling apart, it can be really hard to tune in and see what is past the 'obvious'.

This is something I experienced in the past which led on to mastery of this situation and I want to help you overcome this too. I used something that was inspired by the great Tony Robbins called the 'love bomb' but I do mine with a bit of a twist. With this said here are some great tips and insights to get you on track, let's start love bombing your life right now!

A re-training is needed - if you are in this situation a retaining is 100% needed at this time. Remembering that your current physical circumstances are a reflection of what's going on inside, is not a bad thing. The positive side to this is that if you start to notice things are really starting to mess up, it is the Universe trying to get your attention to make some changes, the changes start internally and they start now! All steps are to be done for the duration of 90 days. 1. Eliminate watching soap operas, the news, horror films, and listening to sad songs for a full 90 days.

2. Fill up the time you would have used doing step 1 with listening to motivational/ inspirational speakers, films, and documentaries.

3. Direct your self-talk. We are always talking to ourselves in our minds whether you are aware or not, start becoming aware, catch yourself in those moments and steer your self talk more towards your desired outcomes. 4. Repeat this affirmation for a full 90 days throughout your day or at a chosen specific time of your choice. Affirmation: "I am at one with the Universal flow, and the Universal flow is at one with me."

5. Feed your soul... The Universe operates with high energy and at the core of your soul you are also high energy. This means it is a must to clear your energy and always aim to raise your vibration- meaning raise your feelings to a higher and happier level. *Whilst doing all the above steps throughout you must be being kind to self. Take time out to run a candle lit bath whilst listening to your favorite inspirational speaker, or a beautiful piece of music day dreaming about your desires.

*Listening to your favorite uplifting sound track whilst your cooking dinner and dance about in your kitchen. *Tell everyone in your house that you love them and love bomb them with appreciation.


*Live in the present no matter what and embrace every living breathing moment you have no matter what! Inject a bit of happiness and be kind to yourself at every given moment you become aware. FEED YOUR SOUL. Why is being 'happy' so important when it comes to getting the Law of Attraction to start giving you the things you want?

When it comes to manifesting there is no point putting desires out and then being miserable and worried. This will only slow down your manifesting process DRAMATICALLY!

Like I said previously the Universe operates with high energy and at the core of your soul you are also high energy. The more you are happy, the more the higher energies of the Universe corresponds with you. The more you close yourself off from happiness, the more you block your personal connection to the wanted manifestations you are trying to manifest. Does this make sense to you?

Happiness, acceptance, clarity, love, and all high energies are like what you could say is like a short cut and a much more fun enjoyable ride to your wanted manifestations. Anything less slows down the process. This is where awareness of self, spirituality, and self development all come into play.

But you see here is the thing, you cannot fake this self work through ego, the inner work actually has to be done. The Universe is a vibrational harmony. Energy, emotions, and feelings play a huge part if not the biggest part as you manifest throughout your life-time.

Mastery of your focus and therefore emotions and vibration = mastery of life! (And yes that includes all of your wanted manifestations)

6. Around 2 weeks into your 90 days start bringing your focus to a new goal that excites you.

This could be a personal goal like- body, health, or image. A career goal like new business start-up, job interview, JV partner, or collaboration. A family and friends goal like a party, holiday, meal, get together and so on. Choose the one that excites you the most.

7. Start journaling and writing - yes it's time to get that book out again the one you promised you would write in everyday....

Start writing in your gratitude book, writing down your goals and why you want them, journaling your experiences, and appreciation lists.

Remember to read over everything you write and take yourself to the feeling place of what you want, as the Universe does not know if what you are saying and feelings is real or imaginary and takes it on purely as truth and begins to yield to your desires instantly. But you MUST take yourself to the 'feeling' place of your desires to make this happen.

8. It takes holding a thought 17 seconds for momentum to kick in and give the thought power, use this to your advantage. Project the images and feelings of the things you want for 17 seconds and keep building on those thoughts that come to you next, this will build up more power behind your desires. Take at least 10 minutes out of your day for 90 days to focus purely on your wanted desires, and see what show's up ; )


Do all the above steps for 90 days and you will find that at the end you will be in a much better place spiritually, mentally, and physically, and manifestations would have taken form and shifted for you. Keep coming back to this post to keep you on track. There are many other ways to help with this problem which I will share with you in good time, but for now try the above techniques and get the ball rolling right away. Remember all in a vibrational shift things can change and you can start right here right now, in the place that you are reading this post!

Trying these out? I would love to know how you are getting on and if you need any further help please leave a comment below and I will get back to you :)

Estelle xox