When you doubt do your manifestations disappear?

Estelle Black Knowledge

When you start to doubt your desire and what you are trying to manifest do my manifestations disappear? A common question I get asked a lot is Estelle do my desires stop and I have to start again because they are gone through my doubt? ...... There is only one answer to this and that is .... no, no they do NOT disappear! I know in the movie the Secret it comes across as if when you doubt your desire it goes and you miss your chance, I don't think this is how it was meant to be perceived from the movie but it is a common thing that many took a way from watching it. With that said I am going to break it down in a simple way that you can understand. When you doubt, your manifestation does not disappear, but it DOES slow down the manifestation process in that moment.

But what happens if you doubt but then brush yourself off and get yourself back on track? When you do this your desires and manifestations wait for you, and you catch back up with them again when you get back into your high vibration... stay with me.... Imagine a big door and behind the door are all your manifestations and gifts of the Universe, and every time you doubt the door closes temporarily, but as soon as you become a match again the door opens and all your previous desires that you were working on before come flooding back in for you again. But here is the thing...... You have to be the one to open the door again, you have to put in the work to not completely LOCK the door with your doubt.

You see, the only thing that can actually stop your desire fully is you. If you continue to doubt and convince yourself that you can't have it and turn that into a belief, then yes of course the Law of Attraction will begin to respond and sure you may miss out on your manifestation.

But here is the thing... So what if you have a doubtful day? So what if something didn't go to plan! This doesn't mean everything is gone for good. It's simply a temporary glitch, but the door will open again, hold your faith because your manifestations are still worth believing in!

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