Personalized manifestation formula £361.48 ($449)

One thing that is for sure is that although we are all governed by the same Universal Laws,
we have all programmed our minds differently, as we all live different lives and have experienced different experiences.
With that said sometimes one shoe does NOT fit all, with that in mind the best service for you would be Estelle’s personalized manifestation formulas.

How does this work?

Estelle will book in for a call with you to get to know you, and understand how your mind is functioning at the moment,
then she will go away, work her magic and come back to you with your very own PERSONALIZED manifestation formula for you to follow.

Estelle may want to book you in for further calls if necessary if she feels this is needed. (At no extra charge)
You are uniquely you, and your authentic manifestation formula will all be tailored to your very own personal needs.

Personalized Manifestation Formula

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