very nice teacher. highly recommended

Estelle is a natural instructor and has a fantastic personality. 

I'm so glad I purchased this course because I really enjoyed the content. The Instructor is very upbeat and her in-depth lectures give precise instructions that are fun and easy to accomplish. There is work to be done even after the course is finished, but that's ok. I just started my own online business and even though I haven't made much money yet this course will definitely change my mind frame and help me feel more confident in succeeding. This is a must course for anyone just starting a business or even someone new to the LOA who are seeking a better understanding of it. I would definitely recommend this course.

Absolutely brilliant I love Estelle's work! I really want to have one on ones with her but her waiting list is so long I spoke with her team the other day :( I'm sticking to her courses for now, Great course as always Estelle such an inspiration.

I love this teacher, she has so much energy and is really being herself. Her energy is infectious. (I also really love her accent, she sounds like a Spice Girl! Haha) I'm not a beginner at LOA, but I am really finding value in her teachings. Very thought provoking.

Estelle is clear, straightforward and direct. She provides practical steps that you can immediately implement into your life to achieve real results. E - I am kissing my secret post-it note with my magic number every night now ;-) Services and Products provides a wide range of services and products... 
Ranging from E-guides to one on one coaching programs, personal manifestation formulas and more!
Estelle offers a wide range of products ranging from FREE to $1000+ so there should be something for everyone!

Not only that but check out Estelle’s blog where you will find her most active, she shares with you tips, insights, ideas, and so much more, you will find a lot of the information very valuable and easy to understand over there.

If you are someone that has a big goal or desire they wish to manifest then Estelle’s coaching programs will be perfect for you!
This is one of our higher-end services and one you will be very pleased that you chose.
Estelle will work closely by your side until you manifest your desired focus.
You can purchase Estelle's coaching programs over in our store.

Or, on the contrary if you are someone that needs a little guidance and nudge in the right direction when it comes to manifesting a certain topic, then be sure to check out Estelle’s online courses they are a great hit and will definitely put you in a much better place to help you attract more of what you DO want!
If you go to the top right of the page a scrollbar will appear and you can purchase online courses there.

One thing that is for sure is that although we are all governed by the same Universal Laws,
we have all programmed our minds differently, as we all live different lives and have experienced different experiences.
With that said sometimes one shoe does NOT fit all, with that in mind the best service for you would be Estelle’s personalized manifestation formulas.


How does this work?

Estelle will book in for a call with you to get to know you, and understand how your mind is functioning at the moment,
then she will go away, work her magic and come back to you with your very own PERSONALIZED manifestation formula for you to follow.
Estelle may want to book you in for further calls if necessary if she feels this is needed. (At no extra charge)
You are uniquely you, and your authentic manifestation formula will all be tailored to your very own personal needs.
You can also purchase this service over in our store.

From the first two modules, I have been able to have the confidence needed to attract what is necessary for my life. I would tell everyone about this course.

I love the way she explains the stuff. Amazing!

Estelle Black is very knowledgeable in her practice and an excellent teacher!

The information being shared is very helpful and interesting. It provides a lot of tremendous value, which can be used in everyone's life and will leverage a business. An Entrepreneur can use it to related toward his or her goals and expectations. Planning effectively will assist in creating a better outcome in the long run.

I love Estelle and her energy. This is a nice passionate intro to LOA for wealth. Go for it!