very nice teacher. highly recommended

Estelle is a natural instructor and has a fantastic personality. 

I'm so glad I purchased this course because I really enjoyed the content. The Instructor is very upbeat and her in-depth lectures give precise instructions that are fun and easy to accomplish. There is work to be done even after the course is finished, but that's ok. I just started my own online business and even though I haven't made much money yet this course will definitely change my mind frame and help me feel more confident in succeeding. This is a must course for anyone just starting a business or even someone new to the LOA who are seeking a better understanding of it. I would definitely recommend this course.

Absolutely brilliant I love Estelle's work! I really want to have one on ones with her but her waiting list is so long I spoke with her team the other day :( I'm sticking to her courses for now, Great course as always Estelle such an inspiration.

I love this teacher, she has so much energy and is really being herself. Her energy is infectious. (I also really love her accent, she sounds like a Spice Girl! Haha) I'm not a beginner at LOA, but I am really finding value in her teachings. Very thought provoking.

Estelle is clear, straightforward and direct. She provides practical steps that you can immediately implement into your life to achieve real results. E - I am kissing my secret post-it note with my magic number every night now ;-) Services and Products 

From the first two modules, I have been able to have the confidence needed to attract what is necessary for my life. I would tell everyone about this course.

I love the way she explains the stuff. Amazing!

Estelle Black is very knowledgeable in her practice and an excellent teacher!

The information being shared is very helpful and interesting. It provides a lot of tremendous value, which can be used in everyone's life and will leverage a business. An Entrepreneur can use it to related toward his or her goals and expectations. Planning effectively will assist in creating a better outcome in the long run.

I love Estelle and her energy. This is a nice passionate intro to LOA for wealth. Go for it!

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