More techniques for your clients! 

Pre-plan visualization

 Ask your client to visualize their goals ahead of time this will help them get better results in life in general.

Meditation Benefits -

1. Puts you in harmony with the Law of Vibration
2. Minimizes stress
3. Connects you with your higher self and all that is
4. Enhances and balances your higher energies 
5. Promotes Emotional Health

6. Lengthens Attention Span
7. May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss plus much more!

Build trust with themselves-

Ask your client to set a list of goals for them to do i.e 1. relaxing bath 2. Write up 2 blog posts 3. Go to the gym 3 days this week etc…

Ask them to put a tick next to the things they achieved, this is a subliminal act that brings around new-found confidence with every tick!

Different worlds technique -

Ask your client to introduce the affirmation “I am standing in the world that is most beneficial to me” 

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